YEAR OF BIRTH                 1948


CITIZENSHIP                      Australian


WORKING LANGUAGES:     English, French, German



Laing Exploration Pty Ltd     - Managing Director

                                        - Principal Consultant Geologist


NSW Leaving Certificate 1965: Maximum Pass, 11th in NSW, 2nd in Geography

BSc (First Class Hons) (Sydney) 1969

1971 Gowrie Scholar (Imperial College, University of London)

PhD (Adelaide) 1977

Studies at Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH, Zurich) 1986-87

Reserve Fulbright Scholar 1988



Fellow, Society of Economic Geologists

Fellow, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

Fellow, Australian Institute of Geoscientists

Member, Geological Society of Australia

Member, Australian Society of Geophysicists



           39 years experience in Structural Geology, Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology.

           11 years University research, 7 years mining Company geologist, 21 years International Consultant.

           Senior Lecturer in Economic Geology at James Cook University 7 years, subsequently Honorary Research Fellow

           Research published in flagship international journals including Economic Geology, Journal of Structural Geology, Precambrian Research, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, Benchmark Papers in Geology.

           Former postgraduate supervisor to Doctoral and MSc students at James Cook University

           In the past two decades has pioneered developments in structural geology in drillcore and ore systems analysis to be published in 3 books.

           International expert in these fields, and recognised world leader in structural analysis of drillcore.

           Co-inventor and commercial manager of Drillcore Orienting Frame, a device to facilitate structural analysis in drillcore, with 230 devices exported to 19 countries.

           Strategic innovations in geological mapping with Smart Mapping

           Awarded    - Honorary Research Fellowship of James Cook University

                            - personal entry in Who’s Who in Australasia and the Pacific

                            - personal entry in Australian Men and Women of Science, Engineering & Technology

           73 Course presentations in all continents, to a total of 1146 mining professionals.

           133 consultancies world-wide to 93 client corporations, on 114 ore deposits and mines.

           Clients include Shell, Billiton Bolivia, Placer Dome, Cameco, CRA, Newmont, Newcrest, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Oxiana, Normandy, Rothschild, Cominco American, Iscor South Africa, MPI, Getty Oil, Interoil, Minotaur, Mark Creasy, Amoco Minerals, Pasminco, Western Mining, Xstrata, Acacia, Bendigo Mining, Ballarat Goldfields, Pancontinental, MIM, Stawell Gold Mines, Geoscience Australia, Geological Surveys of NSW, Victoria, SA, NT.

           Consultancies have lead directly to the discovery of an estimated multiple $billion gold reserves. Consultancies include 30 world-class ore deposits with major reserve additions in 12 of these.

           Consultancies include 21 of the top 76 gold mines in Australia in 2006 (Surbiton survey).

           Consulting includes:

                        - technical studies and audit of management practices

                        - technical: field & drillcore mapping, database & laboratory studies, resource definition

                        - management audit: exploration strategies, mine geology protocols, team operations

                        - private industry and Government clientele

                        - international foreign-language consulting via interpreter & personal linguistics French/German

                        - Principal Consultant and subcontracted Associates

                        - co-option of James Cook University expert staff and resources as appropriate






Dr Bill Laing has for two decades directed his expertise as a structural geologist, with 20 research publications in journals and books, into the exploration and mining industry. At James Cook University he co-presented the international Masters Degree in Exploration and Mining Geology for seven years. Since leaving the University 20 years ago to setup his consulting company Laing Exploration Pty Ltd, he has developed a comprehensive suite of strategies - the Laing Toolbox - of new techniques and enhanced conventional techniques; for analysing ore systems, locating ore deposits in drillcore, and smart mapping ore systems. The Laing Toolbox includes a suite of revolutionary tools: inter alia niche analysis, stockwork analysis, TVA analysis, GT topology, metasomatic facies, architectural templates, and the data gap. The Laing Toolbox spans all ore deposit types and all commodities, including coal and oil. Stockwork analysis has recently been employed in oilfield characterisation (representative elementary volume - REV - analysis).


Bill Laing has delivered 73 courses on the Laing Toolbox to 1146 geologists on all continents.


Bill Laing has consulted on 114 ore deposits world-wide, on oil and coal as well as nearly all metalliferous ore deposit types. He has consulted on 67 gold-only deposits and 37 polymetallic deposits. He is a specialist in most major deposit types (consultancies indicated): stratiform base metals (11), IOCG (15), epithermal (10), porphyry (5), Archaean greenstone (28), antiform hinge zone (saddle reef) (12), mesothermal gold (17), and mesothermal gold+polymetallic (11).


His 93 clients include BHP Billiton, Shell, Placer Dome, Cominco, Newmont, Cameco, CRA, Rio Tinto, Zinifex, Western Mining, Newcrest, MIM/Xstrata, Anglogold, Barrick, Oxiana, Normandy, Iscor, Lihir Gold, and the Geological Surveys of NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Northern Territory. The 114 ore deposits include Boddington, Century, Broken Hill, Mount Isa, Prominent Hill, Ernest Henry, Osborne, Rosh Pinah, Cadia, Pine Creek, Athabasca, Bendigo, Ballarat, Getchell, Cerro Negro, Chatree, Telfer, and the Elk oilfield in PNG. The gold deposits include 23 (that is, 31%) of the 75 Australian gold deposits in the annual Surbiton survey 2009.


Bill Laing has consulted on 30 world-class ore deposits. His work has directly led to major resource additions in 12 of these, and the discovery of an estimated multiple billion dollars worth of gold and copper resources.


The Laing Toolbox will be published as three monographs. Bill Laing has sponsored (the only) two new clauses to the world benchmark JORC Code (2004). He has co-designed and marketed the highly successful Drillcore Orienting Kit, with 230 kits sold including 44 exports to 18 countries.


Bill Laing features in company reports as a specialist consultant. He has been allocated personal entries in 3500 Australian Men and Women of Science, Engineering & Technology (Australian Academy of Science) and Who's Who of Asia and the Pacific . He is a member of 5, and Fellow of 3 professional societies including the Society of Economic Geologists.









Ore system - why study systems?

Channels and traps - what they look like - non-intuitive

Ore niche geology (niche exploration - niche resource modelling - niche mining - niche metallurgy)*

Metasomatic facies

Metasomatic compartments

Breccia facies

Stockwork analysis*

Tension vein array (TVA) analysis*

GT (grade thickness) topology

Orebody edge topology

Shoot analysis

Aggregated shoots

The data gap*

Architectural templates*

The system correlation axis



The two types of geological data in rock, and their inherently different fertility

The fertility of rock exposures

The bonsai principle

Maximum fertility sites (MFS)

Geological mapping as an experiment

Geological mapping as time management driven by decision points

Geological mapping driven by the fertility of the exposure

The importance of what is absent

Geological mapping driven by which rocks we do not want to look at

The learning curves of mapping - in exploration and in mining

Mapping design: pre-project design, daily design, outcrop-to-outcrop dsign

Geotopographic sites and their value

Maps: first, second, and third order



Why structural geology is easier in drilcore than in outcrop

The two types of structural geological parameters, and their disparate value

50% of structural geology can be executed & 50% of ore deposits can be found in non-oriented drillcore

Oriented drillcore auditing & management

The fertility of drillcore and the fertility of drillholes - different and related strategies

The drillcore (non-earth) reference frame

The natural cross section

Early diamond drilling (EDD)

Coretray layout: profile, plan, and axial views

Drillcore logging 4 stages: fertility, systematic, structural-metasomatic, summary

Partial solutions

Options analysis

Reference structures and orientational stability

Drillhole dimensionality

Error analysis and sensitivity analysis

Serial section analysis & straight-line correlation



* Published paper and accompanying Powerpoint presentation