The Consultant shall:

1. Identify the issue(s) relevant to the Client's needs.

2. Advise a timeframe in which he/she can address the issue.

3. Identify the data required to solve the problem. Identify the data NOT relevant to the problem and which do not need to be collected.

4. Where possible train on-site staff to collect the relevant data.

5. Provide interpretational options.

6. Provide a preferred interpretation.

7. Provide a Report which is meaningful to the Client.

8. Advise the Client when his/her services are no longer necessary; when the results and training are complete.

9. Provide an Invoice after job completion (or an agreed interim invoice on longer work), with cost breakdowns and a Work Record.

10. Offer a followup de-briefing and advisory service (telephone/fax) as part of the job.

11. Offer a free "spot" advisory service (telephone/fax) to members of the industry.

12. Respect the Client's interests, and help identify conflict of interest where it may arise.

13. Acknowledge in writing the input into the Consultant's Report(s), from the Client's staff.

14. Observe confidentiality in respect of the Client's information and results of the work.


The Client shall:

1. Work closely with the Consultant in the delivery of his services, and provide to the best of their ability the materials the Consultant requires to fulfil the work.

2. Provide feedback to the Consultant on the value of, and any improvement to, his service.

3. Provide 21 day payment of Invoices.

4. Whilst recognising that they have procured the Consultant's ideas and information to use as they see fit, the Client recognises that they do not own this intellectual property. In any publication of the Consultant's input into the Client's operations, be it from a Report or verbal information, the Client shall fully acknowledge the Consultant's authorship. This may consist of providing formal authorship, or acknowledgement, as appropriate in the normal professional manner. Publication of the results of the Consultant's work by either party shall be conducted via negotiation.

5. Respect the Consultant's interests, and assist the Consultant in identifying conflict of interest where it may arise.